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What Our Parents Are Saying About Us.

"What an amazing, fast few years we just went through!

I must say that this is a very emotional moment for Meghan and me. I am sure you hear it over and over, year after year, but what you guys have done for our child will never be forgotten and our words cannot thank you, or your staff, enough.

It truly seems like yesterday when we brought Miranda in for her first day. One of my favorite photos is of that day - where she is being led to the line in the playground by Ms. Renu. There was no doubt that she, along with al of the other students, were very comfortable with their environment and more importantly with each of you.

This year we have not only seen Miranda starting to put words together but what seemed like shooting to the moon with reading (and having the desire to want to read all the time). Like when a baby takes its first steps I am a little worried of how this little monster won't be stopped and I'll have my work cut out for me. ;-) This also includes her writing and math skills. So much exponential growth that is often hard to fathom but we love seeing how proud she is of herself and her classmates.

I would be remiss if not also sending a huge thank you to Ms. Jennifer. Miranda's growth last year was phenomenal and I would be remiss if not to recognize the amazing talents Ms. Jennifer brought to the classroom so Miranda would be encouraged to learn all that she did.

This Email can never give the full extent of how grateful we are or how appreciative I am for all that Herndon Montessori does - not just for my family but all that you guys touch.

Again - thank you. For how you've helped my daughter and my family."

-Eric (Father of Miranda)


"Thank you and all the teachers for a great school year! Arjun has really enjoyed and learned a lot in the last year. We look forward to another year at MSH."

-Mother of Arjun

"Thank you to all of the teachers for doing such a great job this summer. Nicholas loves summer school and has learned a lot of new things. He always shares with us the exciting things he learned… Thank you for making learn fun! Nicholas has improved in letter recognition and math skills in the short time he has been in your class, just in time for Kindergarten"

-Parents of Nicholas

"Thank you so much for the work you do in teaching. I have seen how much Dominic has matured socially and intellectually this past year with you… I cannot believe he can write and spell his name well; this is just one of a few things that he has accomplished…”

-Parents of Dominic

“I would like to thank you and your staff for an outstanding job…I have had many struggles and challenges to keep Ashley in Montessori School of Herndon…Every day I see my child’s progress and I know I made the right choice.”

-Parents of Ashley

"Arnav is going to miss MSH and everyone at Room 3 very much. Special Thanks to You, Ms. Aida and Ms.Tiara for everything that Arnav has learned from you all in the past 2 years. He shall cherish these memories and grow up to share his success with you all one day!"

-Mother of Arnav